iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger
iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger
iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger
iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger
iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger
iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger

iLand4X™ | All in One Wireless Charger

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Your Devices Need a Better Charger.

iLand4X™ charges and protects your smartphone, smart watch and wireless earbuds, and does it better than your your current clutter of cables and chargers. Now you can replace all of them with just one smart charging hub. iLand4X™ charges safely, quickly, simultaneously, and wirelessly — all while keeping your desk organized and looking awesome.

For Smartphones, Smart Watches & Wireless Earbuds.

iLand4X™ charges all three, and charges them fast: up to 15W of power for efficient, rapid charging of your iPhone or Android phone, 3W for smart watches (including Apple Watch) and 5W for wireless earbuds (including AirPods™).

Charge Simultaneously.

iLand4X™ has three independent smart induction charging pads can handle all three devices at once at up to 15W of maximum power for efficient, rapid charging.

Protect Your Devices; Protect Your Investment.

Your devices are an investment. iLand4X™ has an integrated MCU ands mart charge management IC chip, allowing it to protect your devices with from excessive voltage, current, and temperature. Its slim body is breathable, allowing it to cool efficiently.

Protect Your Charger.

iLand4X™'s induction charge pads can detect foreign objects and turn off automatically, until the surface is clear and you're ready to charge your devices.

Sleek, Modern, Organized.

iLand4X™ design delivers the kind of high-tech touch of class your desk needs and that you deserve. With the fully dimmable, flexible-head, built-in productivity lamp, you'll be wondering how you managed with your desk without it.

Compatible with QI Charging Standard Devices.

  • Samsung™ Galaxy Buds™ / Buds+
  • Huawei™ FreeBuds™ 2/3
  • Samsung™ & Huawei™ QI standard compatible phones

iLand4X™ loves Apple™ devices:

  • iPhone™ 8/9/10/11/12/13
  • AirPods™ 1/2/3 & PRO
  • Apple Watch™ 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Apple Watch SE™

The base features object detection indicators for the smartphone and wireless earbud charging pads.

The smart watch charging station holds your device in the ideal position for Nightstand Mode.

iLand4X™ uses a type-C USB charging port for safer and faster charging.